Tanmay Srinath

Full Name: Tanmay Srinath

Age: 20

Native Place: Bangalore

Family Details: Coming from a middle-class family with no chess background.

Education: 3rd Year B.E in Information Science

Occupation: Student and Chessbase Author

How I learnt Chess: My father taught me the rules at the age of 6. At the age of 14 I started serious training. I got my FIDE rating in 2015, but I rarely play OTB events due to time constraints.

Experience in OTB Tournaments: I enjoy over the board battles. They include all factors of chess. They are a different challenge all together. So far I have played really limited OTB chess, but I plan to start them once I graduate!

How I joined AICCF: A really funny story! I first heard of correspondence in 2015-16. I wanted to join ICCF, but for that I needed an AICCF membership. I contacted Dr.Ambar back then but unfortunately studies got in the way of my ambitions. But in 2020 before the lockdown I finally decided to enter correspondence chess, and since then there has been no turning back.

Ambition in AICCF: To win the National Championship at least once!

Ambition in ICCF: I think there is no point in doing something unless you aspire to be the best. I would love to go all the way i.e. World Correspondence Chess Champion! Of course this is not so easy, so for the moment the aim is to get the IM title.

Favourite Opening: French Defense.

Favourite AICCF players: I have focused mostly on ICCF, but I am really enjoying my games against Gautam De and Om Prakash. I consider them my most serious opponents in the current National Championship. Both these players play dynamic and unique chess. I would love to learn how they do it!

I will single out one special quality in both of them – Om Prakash’s love for the KID and how staunchly he defends its honour. Gautam De for his versatility – he plays both 1.d4 and 1.e4 well. These 2 are my biggest inspirations so far!

Progress in AICCF: It has been rather easy in AICCF so far because I haven’t really been pushed. The national Championship is the biggest challenge. Only time will tell whether I am good enough at the moment to win.

AICCF Statistics

Overall Performance


Game details

Arghyadip Das10.5
A.Dutta Gupta10.5
Tapash Nayak21.5
Sushil Maurya21
S.Roy Chowdhury21
Gurcharan Singh22

Progress in ICCF: ICCF has gone brilliantly so far! All my experiments have worked wonders. The immediate goal of reaching 2300 will be done in the next 2-3 rating lists, and then the IM title awaits!

General Comments: I would like to see how far I can go in this field. So far correspondence has been a really good teacher!

ICCF Statistics:

Overall Performance


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